About Us

'Selective Brand was created by the passion of skateboarding and street sports culture. With quality over quantity in mind, we strive to offer apparel that will surpass the expectations.'

Our founder has been passionate about skateboarding for the past 22 years. His passion for skateboarding and street-wear apparel, drove him in the direction of starting his own brand, a brand that will produce quality apparel in order to meet the needs of skateboarders and all the rest street sports riders. Selective brand is for everyone who is looking for quality over quantity.We would love to see everyone wearing our apparel, as we are truly passionate and dedicated as a team on creating high quality products.

Many of you might wonder why Selective?
This name comes directly from our founder, who got the idea of naming the brand like that after spending some hours thinking of a cool but at the same meaningful Brand Name which at the same time can be a nice and neutral statement.
The story behind is simple and relatively similar for all of us, when for example we think how selective we are on those simple daily things, like what we wear, what food we like to eat, to who are the friends who surround us....or even what tricks we like to learn or watch on the sport(s) we follow and love....everything in this life is about being Selective!(plus the font looks really cool ;) )