• Who can I contact if I have any problems with my purchase?

Our customer service representatives are available if you have any problems. They will gladly help you if you have any questions about our products or experience any technical difficulties. Please contact us via email at selectiveskatebrand@gmail.com and we will try to respond the soonest possible. 

  • Can I also reserve products in the online shop?

Reserving products in the online shop is unfortunately not possible at this time.

  • Am I required to make a purchase if I add items in my cart?

No, you are absolutely not obligated to purchase the items you have placed in your cart. The digital shopping cart resembles a shopping cart in real life: You can add items into your cart and remove them at any time. You do not have to decide what you actually want to purchase until you check out.

  • What is the purchasing process in the Selective Online Shop?

The online shop area gives you an overview of all products that are available for you to purchase. Clicking on a product in the product overview pulls up a product detail page. From there, you can pick your size and color. All available sizes and colors are shown in black, and any items that are sold out or temporarily not available are grayed out or crossed out. Use the option “Add to Cart” to place the item in your shopping cart. The products you select are collected there until you finalize your purchase. From the shopping cart overview, you have the option to remove a product from your shopping cart by clicking on the red “x” to the right of the product. Once you have decided which products you want to purchase, click on “Checkout”. This then immediately pulls up an input screen so you can input your data. When you have entered all the required information, the purchasing process is complete for the time being. You will receive an order confirmation. This tells you that your order has been received by our employees, who will package the items, get the package ready for shipment and forward it to the carrier. At this time you can request a shipping confirmation e-mail so that you know your package is on its way.

  • What is the minimum order value?

The is no minimum order value when you are shopping at the Selective Online Shop.